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A basic version of the Cowells 9OME Lathe (R900) that may be added to and attain the same specification if desired. A compact lathe of conventional design constructed from cast iron and steel, the 90E is individually built and issued with an engineers test certificate.

A wide range of accessories are available. Click HERE for details.

Catalogue Ref: R90

Standard Features

Tee slotted Crosslide
Gap Bed
Tailstock with Off-Set
Test Certificate
5 Year Guarantee

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Lathe Bed
A one piece massive iron casting of cantilever form incorporating auto-traverse clutch box. The bed is dovetail in form and ground on all faces. A central tee-slot provides a positive and accurate location of the tailstock. A gap in the bed allows for the swinging of a loco wheel or flywheel.

Saddle and Slides
The cast iron saddle carries a long steel crosslide, which is tee-slotted to enable the mounting of a wide range of accessories. The crosslide has an etched angular scale 45 ° - 0 - 45 ° to facilitate taper turning should the topslide (R6) be added. All slides are fitted with full-length adjustable gib strips. Hand wheels are of steel and incorporate laser etched, re-set to zero calibration dials.

Headstock and Backgears
The headstock is of cast iron and employs a ground steel spindle running in honed bearings split with adjusters for the elimination of tool chatter and wear. An oiler for each bearing is fitted. The spindle is bored to pass 6.7mm and has a no. 0 Morse taper. Drive is via a three stepped cast iron vee pulley. A speed reducing backgear is fitted for the machining of large diameter cast iron and to facilitate screwcutting (when the Auto Traverse Kit (R7) and R45 screwcutting gear set is added).

Tailstock with Off-Set
The tailstock is of cast iron and is bored and honed to accommodate the ground steel barrel. The barrel has a no. 0 Morse taper and will selfeject tooling. Locking handles are fitted to both body and barrel. The tailstock may be off-set for the turning of long and shallow tapers.

Countershaft and Pulleys
The countershaft consists of a three stepped steel pulley that drives the headstock pulley and a double aluminium reduction pulley for motor drive. A fast action cam is fitted for speed changes and belt tensioning.

The Cowells 90 Lathe Handbook
Written by A. Smith, C. Eng. author of many 'Stuart Models' publications. The handbook is comprised of 127 pages taking the lathe owner
from absolute basics through all main facets of turning including the complexities of screwcutting.

Test Certificate

Each lathe undergoes a meticulous examination of its accuracy prior to delivery. Eight main tests are recorded on an engineers test certificate. The certificate carries the lathe's serial number, is signed and dated and represents Cowells accuracy guarantee. Typical overall accuracy is 0.007mm (0.0003").

Full information covering care, maintenance and adjustments are provided.

Set of hexagonal keys.

Spindle Speeds (r.p.m.) Direct Drive - 280,500,640, 880,1130,2100 Indirect Drive - 60,110,140,180, 240, 440. These speeds assume the use of a 1425 rpm motor and double pulleys to motor and countershaft,(please enquire for full details).
Mechanical Dimensions
Centre height over bed - 44.45mm - 1.75"
Distance between centres - 203mm - 8.0"
Swing in Gap - 120mm - 4.7"
Swing over Crosslide - 47mm - 1.85"
Crossline Travel - 89mm - 3.5"
Taper in Headstock Spindle - 0 Morse Taper
Taper in Tailstock Barrel - 0 Morse Taper
Leadscrew and Feedscrew Pitches - 1mm
Spindle nose thread - 14mm x 1mm
Physical Dimensions
Height - 140mm - 5.5"
Length - 445mm - 17.5"
Width - 250mm - 10"
Weight - 8.5Kg - 19 lbs
All Cowells machines are guaranteed for 5 years.
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